What's a SlideMoor?

"The Evolution of Boat Docking"

Man has been docking boats the same way for thousands of years. People have been facing the same hassles tying up and protecting their boats; bow lines, stern lines, spring lines, bumpers, fenders… and with all this gear, nothing much has really changed. One would think that there would be a better way.

Finally... SlideMoor! The Evolution of Boat Docking.  

SlideMoor is a boat docking system that brings together many of the advantages of a floating dock with the appeal of a traditional fixed dock. The system makes docking safer and easier while mitigating the risks associated with tidal change, wind, and wave activity.

This simple yet ef­fective system secures your boat tightly to a sliding bumper on one side only.SlideMoor takes the guesswork out of tying up your boat, solving many of the docking and mooring issues encountered by boaters.

To better understand the SlideMoor system see How SlideMoor Works.

SlideMoor Time-Lapse

SlideMoor Time Lapse