Stainless Steel Cleat

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Product Description

The Stainless Steel Cleat Set allows for 3/4 inch dock line to be used on the SlideMoor Systems. Additionally, many boaters use the Stainless Steel cleats because they find them more aesthetically appealing.

Unsure as to which installation system is right for you? One of our SlideMoor specialists is just a phone call or email away. Please call (239) 263-7044 or email to get in touch with a SlideMoor specialist.



Technical Details

316 Stainless Steel

All units require 3 cleats!

For use with the SlideMoor PLUS and STANDOFF systems. 

Note: When the Stainless Steel Cleat set is ordered, the SlideMoor Slide you select will automatically be drilled for these cleats.

Disclaimer: Slides drilled for Nylon cleats cannot be retrofitted with Stainless Cleats.