RacheTite Line Tensioner

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Introducing the SlideMoor RacheTite! The RacheTite is a stainless steel, self-contained ratcheting winch that replaces one of your two SlideMoor Slide cleats and simply and easily increases tension to your dock lines while tied to the SlideMoor unit. The RacheTite features a spring-loaded locking detent that solidly clicks with each adjustment ensuring that your vessel remains tight to the SlideMoor bumper.

 The RacheTite is easily retrofittable to any SlideMoor System and is designed to take up any slack in the line by simply turning a small lever on the side of the Slide. Simply remove one of the two SlideMoor Slide cleats and replace it with a RacheTite bolting it using the existing cleat mounting holes. Each RatcheTite comes pre-strung with a 5/8” double braided marine grade Low Stretch dock line. Simply run the dock line around your vessel’s cleat and tie it off tightly to the other side of the SlideMoor Slide. Now you’re ready to adjust any slack in the line while tied to the SlideMoor Slide.