Frequently Asked Questions?

When you untie and leave the dock what happens to the SlideMoor?

We provide a “parking cleat” to position on your piling as needed. Just hang the SlideMoor on the cleat for a quick tie up when you return to the dock.


What about maintenance?

SlideMoor is essentially a maintenance-free system. We recommend on occasion, or as needed, dropping the Slide to the bottom of the Track to remove any marine growth.

NOTE: The bearing surface of the Slide is designed to scrape the Track as the boat moves up and down with the tide. Hose the system down when washing the boat. Always check to see if the track bolts and the cleat bolts are properly fastened. NEVER lube the track.


How often do you have to change bearings?

Depending upon your location and usage, you should never have to replace the bearing material.  


Does SlideMoor come with a warranty?

SlideMoor has a 3 year warranty on the system. Warranty Card must be filled out and returned according to the conditions laid out in the Warranty Form


Will SlideMoor protect me in storms and severe weather?

Yes. When used as instructed SlideMoor can help protect your boat just as it would all of the time. In the “Conditions” page the same rules apply. The main thing to remember is that big storms and severe weather have surges of water that may push your boat over the range of your track. We can make longer tracks but if the surge tops over the track the SlideMoor can‘t do its job and damage is likely. We can make tracks any length up to 25’ to match your pilings.


How much can my boat rock without hitting the track?

Every boat is different, but if you give us three dimension measurements, we will be happy to produce a diagram for your boat!


Do you need any other lines than the one on the SlideMoor?

No, additional lines are not necessary. Since the boat will not move after tied to the SlideMoor, any other lines would just hang in the same arch as when you tied them.


If I use only one SlideMoor do I have to use other lines?

On smaller boats where only one piling is available for a SlideMoor you must stop the pivoting around the SlideMoor piling by using two bow lines or two stern lines, or one of each. The SlideMoor locates the boat tight to the dock and stops in and out and fore and aft movement and the lines eliminate the pivoting. (see diagram in “Protected Marina” link). About one third of SlideMoor installs are used in this fashion. However, many of our single SlideMoor users often purchase a second SlideMoor to eliminate the extra lines and get the full advantages of the system.


Can the track be attached to any type piling?

They are used on round wood, round concrete filled PVC, round steel, square concrete, steel I- beam, concrete and steel seawalls. If you are not sure, ask us or email photos of your application. Feel free to email any questions or suggestions you have.


Can you use SlideMoor to secure a floating dock to a bulkhead or fixed dock?

Yes you can! See our Floating Dock Brackets HERE for more information. The SlideMoor Floating Dock Bracket "FDB" is the evolution for securing floating docks. The SlideMoor FDB is a better alternative to hoops, rollers, or any other mechanical attachment. Using the SlideMoor Patented Technology, the FDB is easily fixed to pilings or seawalls, and provides a secure, long-lasting fastening system for your floating dock. Floating docks are all different but most will work. Visit the ShopEmail, or call with your details.