The SlideMoor Floating Dock Bracket


Key Features


Engineered to last

Won’t bind

Eliminates the need for anchoring pilings

No permits required

Will accommodate storm surges  


What’s the SlideMoor Floating Dock Bracket?

The SlideMoor Floating Dock Bracket “FDB” is the evolution for securing floating docks and a better alternative to using hoops, rollers, or any other mechanical attachments. Combined with the SlideMoor Patented Technology, the SlideMoor FDB is easily fixed to pilings or seawalls, and provides a secure, long-lasting attachment system for your floating dock.


Why Do Other Attachments Fail?

One of the biggest complaints we hear from people is about how the rollers or hoops they use grind and chew away at their wooden pilings, forcing them to frequently replace their pilings. The attachments they use are cheap and susceptible to failure during wave and wake activity. The entire floating dock can be compromised by a failure within the method of attachment. We didn’t think floating docks should be jeopardized by such a seemingly insignificant part, which is why we developed the SlideMoor Floating Dock Bracket using the patented SlideMoor technology that has been well proven over the last 15 years!

Floating docks that desire concrete anchoring pilings should know that they are a major expense and the permitting process associated with them can be extensive. Our SlideMoor FDB eliminates that expense and will not require any permits to install.

In the likelihood of a storm surge or unusually high tide, attachments for a fixed dock such as hoops or rollers can’t rise beyond the level of the dock. What can happen is that because of the attachments restricted movement it will not be able to rise with the floating dock itself and can be ripped off and lost. The SlideMoor FDB allows the floating dock to move freely and will rise to whatever track length you desire.

Rollers are rarely lubricated, and in fact due to environmental concerns, Federal law prohibits the use of any hydrocarbon-based lubricants at the dock. Because of this law, rollers that require consistent lubrication are neglected. Eventually that lack of maintenance can lead to corrosion in the bearings, which can cause the roller to bind and break. The SlideMoor FDB is a maintenance-free self-lubricating system that glides smoothly along a secure aluminum track.


Benefits of Our SlideMoor FDB

The FDB trumps all other attachment methods on the market because it is simply a one-time maintenance-free purchase. Our bracket maximizes the space of a floating dock because you no longer have to deal with obtrusive anchoring pilings (dolphin pilings). A large financial investment such as a floating dock should not sacrifice on the quality of the attachment. If you are considering building a floating dock we want you to use the most dependable and strongest one, the SlideMoor FDB.

Discover the many benefits and purchase our proven SlideMoor Floating Dock Bracket by clicking this link: SlideMoor FDB