Benefits of SlideMoor

"Things that go bump in the night" shouldn't be your boat hitting the dock!

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  1. Simplify DockingThe maintenance-free SlideMoor system works with two lines on one side only, making it the fastest and easiest docking system on the market.
  2. Safety of Docking for Users SlideMoor makes docking and boarding a much safer process by tying your boat tight to the system, merely inches from your dock.
  3. Safety of Docking for Boats SlideMoor is truly a 24/7 peace of mind boat docking system. The SlideMoor system protects your boat from bumping, banging, waves, and tides.
  4. Severe Weather Protection The SlideMoor system has worked in severe weather and hurricanes when all other systems have failed!
  5. No Codes or Permits In most areas, it is not necessary to deal with codes and permits when installing SlideMoor.
  6. Cost Benefits SlideMoor users have considerably less to buy and maintain over the years providing significant cost savings.
SlideMoor Boat Docking