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                                              TideSlide vs. SlideMoor 


Some people initially have a difficult time understanding the difference between TideSlide and SlideMoor. We decided to elaborate on these key differences to make it easier to understand.


Boarding & Loading

TideSlides are similar to mooring whips because they suspend you out away from the dock, making docking and boarding the boat a difficult and dangerous task.


SlideMoors patented system makes docking and boarding a much safer process. By tying the boat tight to the system, you are merely inches from your dock for a quick stress-free step.



TideSlide is a moving plastic cleat on a pole that eliminates slack lines on both sides of the boat.


  SlideMoor is a sliding bumper that   secures boats tight on one side       only, like a floating dock.

All In One System

TideSlide requires spring lines, bow lines, stern lines, fenders, and bumpers to properly secure a boat.


SlideMoor's all in one bumper system does not require any other marine equipment, plain and simple.                      



TideSlide offers a 35’ boat model that comes with 8’ of pole costing $869 per unit. As shown in the photo to the right a standard 4 units were purchased totaling $3,476!


SlideMoors cost for that same 35' boat is $849 per unit and comes with 8’ of Track. As shown in the photo to the right only 2 SlideMoors on one side are required totaling just $1,698, less than half the cost of TideSlide!



TideSlide poles are only attached at the top and bottom, and without any foundational backing are susceptible to bending at their weakest points, the center. The longer the pole, the weaker it gets.


SlideMoor is secured with two bolts every two feet, which provides significantly more structural integrity, no matter how long the track is.


Storm Surge Protection

TideSlide only offers poles up to 12 feet. Many major storms and hurricanes can produce surges well above what they can handle.


SlideMoor clients have had tremendous results in persevering many major hurricanes such as Katrina, Sandy, and Charley, where the storm surges exceeded 16 feet. SlideMoor has tracks available up to 25 feet to accommodate these extreme surges.


Necessary Quantity

TideSlide advertises a one side tie up, but in order for the system to be effective, 3-4 units on both sides are required to keep the boat from slamming into the dock.


SlideMoor typically only require 2 units per boat, on one side only. Boats over 57’ may require the maximum of 3 units, still just on one side of the boat.


Pilings Required

TideSlide typically requires outer tie pilings to achieve the benefits they describe as well as dock pilings to suspend the boat on both sides.


SlideMoor only requires the pilings to be on one side of the boat, making docking significantly easier without having to "thread the needle."


Time Spent Docking

TideSlide can take many minutes to set the bumpers and fenders as well as the other multiple docking lines. Deploying all this equipment every time the boat is moved takes time and energy away from enjoying the day.


SlideMoor docking can be accomplished in simply seconds, since it is only 2 short lines on one side of the boat. Many police, firefighter, and Coast Guard boats use SlideMoor because their jobs require a fast response time.


Ease of Install

TideSlides solid 8’ stainless steel poles weigh a heavy 60 pounds each, which can be cumbersome to handle during installation. The thickness of the poles varies and can exceed 180 pounds each. They are only bolted at the top and bottom of the piling, which leaves the pole without a structural backing and weakest at the center.


SlideMoor always uses the same materials and is a relatively quick and easy installation, only requiring 2 bolts for every 2 feet of track. The 8’ standard 16-pound lightweight aluminum track makes for a trouble-free installation. SlideMoor also has a transferable stainless steel straps, known as MIPs, which make for an easy installation.


Marine Growth

TideSlides can accumulate barnacle growth because they can drop down and be left in the water. The barnacles can grow so badly that the unit cannot slide as needed.


SlideMoor is tied to a provided parking cleat when not in use, to specifically avoid barnacle growth on the slide. SlideMoor is a self-cleaning system however and is designed to shear off any possible barnacles.


To Wrap It Up

To put it all in perspective SlideMoor has a 90’ boat that uses the system. The customer only paid $3,381 for 3 systems, and the total weight of everything included was just 108 pounds!


If the customer were to purchase TideSlide, the 6 units required would have picked his pocket for $19,974, a 491% increase from SlideMoors price! The TideSlides would also combine to weigh 700 pounds and would require a crane to install! Now not everyone has a 90’ boat lying around, but you get the point.



Want to learn more about the SlideMoor System? Just watch our explainer video. You can also contact us via our contact us form or give us a call at 239-263-7044. If you are a dealer and are interested in learning more, use the dealer contact form.




TideSlides with multiple expensive mooring balls, fenders, and dock lines.



Just two short lines with SlideMoor. No other marine equipment necessary.



TideSlide application using 4 units and outer tie pilings on both sides of the boat. 



SlideMoor is always a one side only docking system.  



Getting on and off the boat is difficult with TideSlide, since it suspends the boat out and away from the dock. 




SlideMoor keeps boats tight to the dock for easy boarding and unloading.



Barnacle inhabited TideSlide.



The SlideMoor parking cleat allows the unit to be kept out of the water and away from barnacles.