SlideMoor Held Fast And The Boat Weathered The Storm!

SlideMoor Held Fast And The Boat Weathered The Storm!

Posted on 27th Sep 2017

Posted on September 27, 2017

We have a place down on Marco Island…you might have heard it got hit by a hurricane. Several seasons ago we installed some SlideMoor’s on the dock here because we like to have the boat nearby, it’s easier to work on and it stays cleaner, so we bought a couple of SlideMoor’s, installed them ourselves and have been very happy with them. The reason we purchased them was for our safety to get on and off the boat. As you get a little older you’re not as flexible as you used to be. So you know, we put these SlideMoor’s on and then the Hurricane came by and we were concerned that maybe our boat would be in trouble…..well the good news is it looks like the boat was power-washed! The SlideMoor’s held fast and the boat weathered the storm! There were whitecaps even in our pool so I could imagine it was pretty tumultuous right here by the boat. In the end we are very happy that we purchased the SlideMoor’s and we encourage our friends on the dock here to also put them on because the main thing is getting in and out of the boat and making it safe.

Rick & Sandy Romanshek

Marco Island, FL