Storm Surges Mitigated with SlideMoor

Storm Surges Mitigated with SlideMoor

Posted on 6th Jan 2014

Posted on September 19, 2013

"For years we were using bow and stern lines along with spring lines. Our primary problems were surges in the channel where we dock. The surge issue made it difficult to judge the proper length of line required for mooring properly. We were hoping to alleviate the concern of the water surges, and that’s when we found and installed SlideMoor, which has more than met our expectations. Now the worries over water height fluctuations and the possibility of lines snapping have gone away. We did have a surge of about 18 inches in early summer and our boat was secure during the entire episode with SlideMoor! Others were constantly adjusting their lines. I would most assuredly recommend using SlideMoor! The peace of mind is well worth the purchase."

David Hoffmeyer

Cleveland, OH

        40' Carver in Ohio