SlideMoor Moves Gracefully in Tropical Depression!

SlideMoor Moves Gracefully in Tropical Depression!

Posted on 19th Jan 2014

Posted on April 1, 2014

“I installed the SlideMoor system upon the recommendation from the installer of my dock. His explanation of the system sounded very logical. I've had boats for 45 years and it was my first awareness of such a system. Upon an exceptionally low tide during a tropical depression, the boat grounded while at the dock. The SlideMoor system maintained the boat on even keel and did not allow it to lean either to port or starboard. It just sat gracefully on the wing keel. Needless to say, I've since dredged to keep the boat afloat. I definitely recommend SlideMoor! With only two mooring cleats used it could not be easier to cast off or return to the dock. I also like the stabilization they provide during high wind. There is minimal rocking. ”


Punta Gorda, FL