SlideMoor Made a Priority in Business Practice!

SlideMoor Made a Priority in Business Practice!

Posted on 18th Jan 2014

Posted on March 12, 2014

“Here about 8 years ago we had a nasty little hurricane come through called Charley. Well prior to that hurricane I had a few clients who met Tom for the first time down at the Miami boat show and brought back these rails called SlideMoors and had brought me to their homes to look at installing them. Well At first glance I thought they were awful small for the sized boats we were looking to tie up to them. I didn’t understand the concept of sliders. I’d been in the tug of war game for a lot of years. We installed 3 different sets for 3 different posts. A 52’ boat, a 44’ Catamaran, and a 32’ Sea Ray. The hurricane came through and it devastated this community, with the exception of those 3 boats. The other boats around them suffered dramatically, but the 3 boats on SlideMoor stayed just where they were. Didn’t even twist their pilings. We were kind of flabbergasted. From that day forward we started making it a priority where if you weren’t going to put your boat up on the lift where it can be secured you need to be on SlideMoors. This solved two problems. One it anchored the boat close to the dock, which all the customers loved. And it eliminated those pesky navigational hazards called out pilings, which are always where you don’t want them. Today our business practice is pretty simple. If you’re not going to put the boat on the lift you need to tie it up to SlideMoors.”

Ron Parr - Parr Marine Construction

Punta Gorda, FL