SlideMoor is the Only Way to "Park" a Boat!

SlideMoor is the Only Way to "Park" a Boat!

Posted on 16th Jun 2014

Posted on June 16, 2014

“With my 34’ Power Cat tied up to pilings on my home dock here on the Chesapeake Bay, boarding has always been awkward for some of my guests, particularly when the wind is blowing. Then one day in December a couple of years back, as I made the 3' stride from dock to boat, my foot slipped and down I went into the cold water, breaking a couple of ribs along the way. The perfect solution for my two left feet has been the SlideMoor system. The boat is easy to tie up, cast off, very stable, and very easy to access. I should have installed them years ago! SlideMoor's the only way to "park" a boat.”

Philip Bolling

White Stone, VA