SlideMoor Helps Renew Hurricane Boat Insurance!

SlideMoor Helps Renew Hurricane Boat Insurance!

Posted on 12th Oct 2014

Posted on October 13, 2014

“I purchased the SlideMoor system when I bought my 2006 Mainship 430. Other than a floating dock, no other system would safely manage my boat in tidal changes. I have utilized SlideMoors for seven years now and my boat is always secure and protected. During this time, I have experienced major storm surges, blow out low tides, and occasionally a nearby boater throws a significant wake. Not once have I had the slightest problem. The boat rides up and down, in a smooth and natural motion. At one point, my insurer (AIG) was reluctant to renew my hurricane coverage. I referred the underwriter to your website, and after discussion, they agreed it was an outstanding system. I have been with AIG for all seven years I have owned my boat. I would recommend SlideMoor without hesitation. Once you line up your pilings, exactly with the boat's cleats, the boat is cushioned, secure, and ready to rise or drop with tides, surges, etc.”

Joe Trachtenberg

Naples, FL