SlideMoor Ensures High Performance and Safety

SlideMoor Ensures High Performance and Safety

Posted on 26th Sep 2014

Posted on September 26, 2014

“Ten years ago we moved into our Florida home on a canal. Initially we used conventional moorings. The gulf's low winter tides and high spring tides forced us to always be adjusting lines and we often left the lines to loose when a storm came up. After a year of looking for a better and easier way we decided to install the SlideMoor system. We have had two boats since then a 37' and a 42' and the system handled them both without missing a beat. In addition to handling our sometimes big tidal swings the SlideMoor keeps the boat from moving about in bad weather. Our canal runs east to west so any storms off the gulf blow right down the canal. Again, our SlideMoors never missed a beat and protected our boats from wind and rapidly rising water that the storm blew in. My wife has multiple sclerosis (MS) so ease of release when leaving the dock and reconnecting upon return is very important. With SlideMoor we tie them off at the height we expect the boat to be when we leave, and by using the cleats on either side create a loop 
that she can easily lift off or tie onto the boat cleat on return. We highly recommend SlideMoor to any fellow boater for ease of use, dependable performance, and safely protecting your boat.”

Tony Romersa

Sarasota, FL