I Love My SlideMoor!

I Love My SlideMoor!

Posted on 17th Jul 2014

Posted on July 17, 2014

“I’ve had SlideMoor for 4 years and it’s simply the easiest and best on the water boat docking system around! I get to the dock, tie up the SlideMoor tight, and I am ready for any type of loading and off loading without any rocking what so ever. The boat simply moves up and down in a steady and predictable manner. I also, no longer care about high or low tides, as with the SlideMoor system, they are not a factor on the way you tie your boat. I recently sold my smaller boat to get a larger one, and the person that bought it wanted the SlideMoor as part of the sale. I simply told him that I was not parting ways with my docking system and the deal was off! He still bought the boat after and I gave him your website so he can get his own. Long story short I love my SlideMoor and I'm an extremely happy customer!"

Angel Ruiz

Miami, FL