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I Couldn't Be Happier with My SlideMoors!


Posted on September 11, 2014

“Before SlideMoor I used multiple lines to keep my boat centered in my slip. I had to pull the boat over to the slip edge by hand to get on and off the boat. I had a really bad spill on a rainy day, and almost killed myself when a gust of wind separated the boat from the dock just as I was stepping off. I always had chaffing problems with the aft lines, and was constantly adjusting lines for tides. Not much fun. With SlideMoor docking is now much easier to get on and off the boat. The boat isn't adversely affected by tides or wind any more and is much safer to board. My wife loves it too! SlideMoor is absolutely recommended!! It’s a great concept and well made product. I couldn't be happier with the convenience, safety, and easy use of the system!”

Peter Ryner

Sarasota, FL