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The SlideMoor System is Built Right!


Posted on January 16, 2014

“I purchased a 56' Sunseeker in Florida, and the yacht club where the boat was docked already had the SlideMoor system installed. After using the SlideMoor system in Florida for a couple of months we moved the boat to Maryland and I then had to deal with six dock lines every time we used the boat. It was time I installed the SlideMoor. What a great system! My pier is on a river off the Chesapeake Bay, and at times we can get two-feet of chop and heavy boat traffic. We installed three SlideMoor's and they work great. 
I'm the owner of a Machine Shop and I can assure you the SlideMoor system is built right. I can't find a way to improve anything.”


Chesapeake Bay, MD


SlideMoor Refreshes 37 Year Old Dock

Posted on November 20, 2013 “Before I had the SlideMoor system docking was difficult as I had to parallel park the boat along the pier after threading through my outer pilings. The SlideMoor units were purchased as part of a refresh for my 37-year-old pier. We replaced our 25' Parker with a 34' Mainship Trawler and [...]

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SlideMoor is a Trustworthy System

Posted on November 11, 2013 “SlideMoor is a trustworthy system for securing my boat without having to worry about keeping the boat from getting caught under a stationary dock with the rise and fall of the tides.” Dan St. Petersburg, FL 

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