SlideMoor Works Flawlessly!

SlideMoor Works Flawlessly!

Posted on 4th Jan 2014

Posted on August 29, 2013

"Prior to SlideMoor I had a boat lift that was attached to a floating dock. The wave action from the boat traffic was so excessive that it caused the lift to bounce side to side violently. The boat lift literally was destroyed one Memorial Day weekend from the 4' waves caused by the boat traffic. Based on the product information on the website I figured I could add an arm to the boat lift and attach it to the SlideMoor system to eliminate any side-to-side action of the lift without compromising it still going up and down. Since the lift was repaired and SlideMoor was installed I have gone two years without an issue. I could not have asked SlideMoor to perform any better. The system works flawlessly!”

Mike Koenig

Orland Park, IL

SlideMoor on a Floating Boat Lift