Mooring Whips No More, Thanks to SlideMoor!

Mooring Whips No More, Thanks to SlideMoor!

Posted on 13th May 2015

Posted on May 14, 2015

"We were using two whips and four lines to moor our boat sideways to the dock. It was time consuming and cumbersome. When our neighbors got boats, we had to switch to a front in docking method due to space restrictions. SlideMoor was the best answer by far. Using the two existing poles, we had the SlideMoor mounted and were able to get rid of the mooring whips. Now we only need two lines to secure our boat! With our SlideMoor we are now able to have easy docking and embarking while using the front docking method. All we have to do is hook up or unhook two lines and we are ready to go. We never have to worry about tide or storms now that the boat is held securely in place. All in all, ease of use and secureness of the boat are what it is all about and SlideMoor gives us the security of both worlds. Our neighbors are happy, we are happy, I would say it’s a win, win situation for all. Why someone did not think of this sooner, I will never understand."

James Nenstiel

Ocean City, MD